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Preschool Fathers Day Gifts

Fish Card

These fish handprint cards are too cute to handle! Dad will love that these are made from his child’s handprint too. Or even if the dad doesn’t like to fish, it’s still an adorable Father’s Day card idea.

Popsicle Stick Craft

A popsicle stick frame is a classic kids craft and it makes a wonderful Father’s day gift for Dad or Grandpa. Let your children be creative as they create this Father’s day craft especially for dad.

Candle Holders

Personalizing stained glass hearts on square glass candle holders for dad, grandpa, or pops is always a fun and easy homemade gift idea.

Superhero Coasters

Help the kids make their own superhero coaster gift for dad! A great Father’s Day craft idea for kids to let dad know he is their favorite superhero. Toddlers and preschoolers will love making these handprints and turning them into a useful personalized gift for dad.

Rock Dad Paper Weight

Looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift your kids can make? Then this ‘Dad Rocks’ paperweight is not only fun to make but uses very few supplies, and there’s a very high chance you might have everything on hand to make this.

Cookie Container

Have the kids make this Father’s Day Cookie Container created from a Pringles can! The kids can make cookies just the right size to fit into the container and Dad will surely enjoy the look and taste of his Father’s Day gift.

Tie Shaped Bookmark

These homemade bookmarks are made using a tear art technique with newspaper- perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Dad or grandpa would be excited to get one of these special, homemade gifts for Father’s Day!

Lego Memory Jar

Jot down a favorite activity of dad’s on each LEGO, then put them in a mason jar when you need a fun weekend activity. When you’re done with a few ideas, stack the legos on top of one another to represent the memories “built.”

Paintbrush Poem

Craft this special Paintbrush Poem for the Dad that brightens everyone’s life with colors. It’s a useful paintbrush that can be accompanied by a can of paint if there is a special project in mind.

Dad Dough Picture Frame

This DAD dough picture frame could be a big surprise for dad when he gets home from work. It would be the perfect handmade Father’s Day gift, but if you are too excited to give this to him right away then go ahead and do it!

Football Picture Holder

Another great craft for your favorite football fan and this picture holder makes a great alternative to a standard frame! Kids will love trying a new craft with different materials and textures!

Best Dad Frame

This one already comes with a printable, so all you have to do is grab some blue tempera paint and get your kids to start stamping their hands.

Scribble Mug

Here’s a craft that’s colorful and fun when it comes to kids that love to scribble! Simply apply decorative stickers on the mug, then let your child scribble away in various colors.
Get the tutorial from I Heart Arts and Crafts »

Desk Organizer

Dad will LOVE this DIY Desk Organiser for Father’s Day!!
Not only does this make a great Father’s Day Crafts idea for kids, but would also be a fabulous Back to School project to get a tween’s desk organized!

Giftbook Coupons

One of our favorites in the list
– this gift book, which can be customized for little kids to give to their daddy. Make your own activity list and then print them off to make this cute little gift book for him.

Father’s Day Wreathes

This could very well be an idea for a Christmas wreath, but it would be fun to try for Father’s Day.

One in a Minion Gift

A super quick craft for the kids – turn the humble TP Roll into MINION GIFT BOXES! This would be a perfect way to give Dad some Father’s Day Gifts or would be awesome as a party bag boxes at a Minion Party. Cute, thrifty and fun!

Trophy DIY

Dad deserves a trophy for everything he does and so you can work with the kids to make this surprise come true just for dad.

Bow Tie Card

We love these bow-tie card idea that your kids can work on. Check out the tutorial to see how you can make this a gift for father’s day.

Dad Medal

Make dad a World’s Greatest Dad medal that he can wear. What dad doesn’t want to receive such a prestigious honor especially when it is homemade by his child?

Father’s Day Book

Did you know you can make a cute little book out of paper lunch bags? Really, it’s super simple! Check the tutorial to see how you can turn three paper bags into a darling DIY Father’s Day book.

Photo Remote Caddy

Are your kids thinking to make something different for dad/grandad? Here is a frugal, easy, but special idea: A Remote caddy for Daddy!
And you won’t believe what was used to make this holder: a tissue box!

Lego Pen Holder

Kids can make this DIY pen holder with LEGO pieces they might already have. The holders are perfect for gifts or for keeping those pesky pens sorted at home.

Family Scrapbook

This can be a family project: Commemorate those summer vacations spent together by gathering maps, mementos, and more from your favorite getaways, then compiling everything into a bound book for Dad.

Nuts & Bolts Board

The idea for this Upcycled Nuts and Bolts Heart Craft is another great craft idea from unused nuts and bolts. Just what dad needs to see his little ones creative love for him.

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