Healthy Halloween Food Ideas
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Last Date On December 28 2020

Silly Monster Apple Bites from Fork and Beans

They’re silly. They’re easy to make. And best of all, they’re allergen-free. No nuts, no gluten, no soy…nada. Just green apples, sunflower butter, sunflower seeds, a strawberry tongue. The great part about making these eyes is that you will have a ton leftover and with Halloween approaching shortly, these babies preserve rather well and get you through the holiday season better than you ever imagined! Just store them in an air-tight container and they are good to go. They boost these simple apple snacks into silly apple bites. I’ll have seconds!

Goblin Potion

Balance out all of that Halloween junk food with this fun, tasty and healthy Halloween smoothie. We call it goblin potion around here!

Hats and Bats Chocolate Tarts

Delicious and flaky, these tarts are also impossibly cute—and would look so lovely sitting together on your Halloween dessert table. Peanut butter fans will love the creamy filling.


Your kids will love coming home to this silly monster treat. Not only would they be fun to decorate with kids, but they also taste delicious too. A perfect healthy Halloween alternative to candy.

Frankenstein Cookie Bars

These bars make a fun Halloween treat, and they're very flavorful: the green tea frosting cloaks a chewy-soft coconut-lime cookie. They're easy enough that the kids can help you make them.

Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts from Flo and Grace

Thankfully the school my boys are in this year has a strict “No Food” policy (aside from home lunch). I could barely contain my relief when the announcement was made at the first open house. At the schools the boys have attended in the the past, the “food and treat” thing was a huge hassle. Teachers rewarded with candy, Fridays were food craft day, and then there were the birthday celebrations. You parents of kids with food allergies relate and get it, I know.

Ghost Milk

I hope you enjoy all of these healthy {or at least healthier!} Halloween options.  Use them for inspiration and have fun coming up with your own.  Kids are usually all over this and it can be a great way to get them to try a few new food options.  There are also lots of different food substitutions that you can come up with if you know the original recipe is not going to fly!  Let me know what you come up with!

Coffin Sandwich Cookies

How spooky are these coffin cookies? By the way, that "distressed" royal icing isn't hard to replicate at home—we promise. Simply run a fork through it after icing the cookies to achieve the same look.


While egg salad definitely isn’t the first thing to come to mind during Halloween, it creates the perfect canvas for little monsters. Let kids create their own creatures using fun add-ins for their egg salad.

Sausage Head Charcuterie Board

Sculpting a terrifying head using the components of a classic charcuterie board may be a labor of love, but for anyone who takes their Halloween entertaining seriously…  trust us, it’s so worth it. 

Witch Smoothie Bowl from Eating Well

Have a little Halloween fun at breakfast or snack time with this healthy fruit smoothie bowl that's topped with chia seeds and strawberry to look like a witch.

Towering Haunted House Cake

Anyone up for a seriously creative weekend project? This one might take a little time, but it's easy enough for a beginner to tackle—and the final decorating can be done alongside your kids!


These snacks are perfectly easy to make and any cheese-lover will be sure to enjoy them. Simply put a stick into a Babybel cheese and decorate, it couldn’t be much more simple.

Skeleton Cupcakes

These too-cute cupcakes are a must-bake for your Halloween party. There's room for creativity on these delicious desserts, so make the faces fun or scary--your choice.

Guacamole Vampires from Fork and Beans

Halloween GuacaMonsters. The best kind of food for this time of year especially when the leaves are changing color, the air has gotten cooler, and Halloween is just around the corner. Not only are they a spooky holiday-themed treat, they can also be used as a portable, on-the-go snack. Just scoop out the flesh of the avocado, turn into guacamole, place back into the avocado shell, and make one (or all) of your favorite Halloween GuacaMonsters.

Spooky Halloween Pretzels

Spooky, sweet, and salty, these are the ultimate Halloween treat. This blogger used white and dark chocolate, but you can choose any flavors you desire.


Give your guests some variety with this spook-tacular platter! This creative plate could easily be the centerpiece of your table for Halloween. Though, with all of the delicious vegetables on the plate, your guests are sure to gobble them up in no time.

Ogre-Eye Cookies

No Halloween party is complete without these cute cookies that, thanks to licorice strips, white chocolate chips and brown M & Ms, look just like monster eyeballs.

Monster Sandwiches

My absolute favorite part of the things I made for my son's Little Monster birthday party was the monster sandwiches. I originally planned on making 3 different kind of monsters, but after I made this guy, I thought "how can they get any cuter than this?"

Chocolate Monster Halloween Cookies

These buttercream-stuffed sandwiches are described as "simple, yet insanely delicious." Well, we're sold.

Almond Spider Cakes

A web of sugary goodness awaits you in these Halloween cupcakes. Almond paste in the batter and a colorful almond glaze give these cakes a distinctive nutty taste that kids will love. Top with plastic or gummy spiders for a spooky touch.

Melted Witch Brownies

Upgrade regular brownies for Halloween with melted green chocolate and paper legs. Everyone will be happy to eat these up knowing they're safe from the Wicked Witch.


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