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Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner, which means you need to start brainstorming about what you’re going to buy your dad. Of course, you can go with the watches, standard ties and wallets, but if you want to stand out and show Dad how much you care, then check out the list below to find the perfect item that will make him smile in surprise!

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Did you know that our phones are breeding ground for bacteria? Yep, you heard us right. This sanitizer charger zaps most of the germs out so your dad can use his phone for the longest time. Just place the device inside, attach the included charging cable, close the lid and et voila!

Airpod Leather Case

Get these elegant looking protective leather case for dad’s AirPods’ charging station and tell him that he doesn’t need to worry about the dirt covering it any longer.

Monogrammed Genuine Leather

We love this high quality leather and spot-on engraving enabled wallet. Customize it with your dad’s initials and make it a personalized gift just for him. They do take time to arrive so make sure to order ahead of time!

Yard Dice

Whether you’re enjoying a family picnic, out on the beach, or just in the mood for some larger than life competition, this jumbo set of dice is perfect to bring your dad in a game mood! Let the good times roll with this dice set that will go over big with family and friends.

Couch Arm Table

Dads love to spend their relaxed bit of time on the couch and enjoy their favorite show – so why not give him something that will make his couch time better? Keep all his couch essentials handy with this arm-gripping sofa arm table and find the control over the TV remote super competitive!

Ancestry DNA Kit

DNA kits do more than just tell dad about the ancestry and roots of his family — they also help build surprising connections and discover beautiful memories from the past.

Gardener’s Tool Seat

We love this multi-function gardener’s seat for the gardener dads out there. With features of a folding chair and a tool bag, this handy work station has 21 pockets for different sized tools, and a large catch-all interior. Great item or gardener dads!

Men’s Organizing Travel Pack

Let dad travel with some style! These handy travel bags, each printed with an image of its content and sealed with a ribbon can be used to pack shoes, charger, headphones, and laundry. Basically helping mom to pack things for dad so everything is neatly contained, untangled and right where he can find it!

Dad Jokes Book

If he’s a master pun-maker but needs to up his game, then this book of one-liners might just help with new and improved punch lines.

Stoneware TV Dinner Trays

This is such a dad specific item! Especially when he wants to enjoy food, couch as well as his control over TV. Love is a dish best served warm.

Portable Cooler

These hydro flasks or portable coolers are one of a kind ones with Advanced Thermal Mapping insulation in the bottom, back and top. Comfortable to carry around with multiple pockets. Definitely an outdoor need for family outings and so dad could charge of all things ‘cool’.

Custom Map Cufflinks

No matter how many miles away dad is from his hometown, these custom map cufflinks can have a piece of his hometown that he can wear right on his sleeves. Great item to help dad relive some of his memories form his younger days.

Laptop Sleeve

If he is always on his computer then consider getting him a great-looking pouch that will keep it protected from scratches and liquids.

Essential 3 Pack Set Tie Bar

This tie bar set covers his look for the next big event he needs to be a part of with all the essentials that can go with any outfit!

Multitool Box of Wonders

This super handy tool set features stainless steel, ultra-thin, and versatile tools, each with an animal friend incorporated into the design. A perfect dad gift for he can do all sorts of wonders in the house!

Best Dad Mug

Let’s not call it a surprise mug, shall we? Just a reminder that he’s obviously the best dad ever.

Nailed It Desk Organizer

This useful organizer made from recycled steel and salvaged tool parts can be a great item for his work desk.

Espresso Maker

Permanently fix your dad’s mood in the mornings by giving him this coffee maker to start his day with! He’ll use it all the time and will have a good time throughout the day.

Electric Shaver

Up Dad’s shaving game with this electric shaver. It gives him the option of a dry or wet as well as a comfortable and refreshing shave.

Horse Racing Game

Bring some competition home with this sporting game of chance. This horseracing game is bound to be a hit with aspiring jockeys of all ages. Dads will love this fast paced game that they can play with their family and buddies.

Gas Grill

Let dad brag about his perfectly done hamburgers and ribs by getting him this portable grill.We know for a fact that he will love it!

Smart Alarm Clock

Get the Amazon Echo Spot for playing music, getting the news, or even ordering a pizza. In no time your dad will love this device.

Yard Dominoes

One of our favorites in the list – this larger-than-life sized dominoes are perfect for indoor or outdoor activities with the family. Give dad reasons to use this every now and then so you all can have a good time.

Baseball Game Board

Bring the thrill of America’s favorite pastime home with this old-fashioned game that’ll be a hit with family and friends. Turn off the TV, silence the smartphone, and gather around the family as you enjoy the game!

Fix It Kit

The contents of this compact, vegan leather case will give dad a superpower: fixing anything! These mighty tools come in a small case but do great things, just like dad expects of you.

Beard Bib Hair Clippings Catcher

There are few things worse than seeing clumps of shaven hair scattered in the bathroom sink and seeing your dad getting yelled at by mom. This beard hair catcher can be worn like an apron so there’s no mess and less yelling.

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