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Fathers Day Gift from Toddler

Typography Sunglass

Simply print the template onto some cardboard in dad’s favorite color. Just help the little one when using the craft knife or scissors.

Lego Keyring Holder

Have endless fun customizing this key holder in any way you want that will make it impossible for him to keep his keys anywhere else. How about using lego? This would also mean you don’t have to accept responsibly for lost keys any more!

Father’s Day Medal

Every Dad deserves a medal for everything they do and this simple cardboard one is quick and easy to make with little ones. The best part is, you can include a hidden surprise message inside the medal!

Headphone Holders

A simple and easy storage for his wires that can even be put together with his keys.

Tie-dye Shirt Card

Make this unique homemade Father’s Day Card on behalf of the kids for Dad this year. These tie-dyed paper towel t-shirt cards are the coolest! They’re easy to make, the process is a ton of fun, and they look “TEE-rific”!

Pencil Holder Gift

Dads always love a handmade gift from the kids and kids are always up for making a crafty gift, especially when it involves Floam!

Pop Jar

Dad will get a kick out of this jar filled with punny treats. Get this jar and fill it with all his favorites.


Cuff Link Cards

Fashion a card to look like a dapper shirt cuff, and then use it to present a gift of cuff links. Check out the tutorial to make it into a reality.

Fathers Day Tie Template

This cute little activity sheet is the perfect Father’s Day craft for preschoolers. Print and cut out the tie shapes, then let the kids use color to write in their answers. It’s an easy gift he’ll loves for sure!

Recycled Rainbow Mobile

Rainbows are amazing. They’re awe inspiring in the sky, they are a great way to organize things and very crafty. Check out the tutorial to make this rainbow mobile!

Colorful Kite

There is something captivating about the simple pleasure of guiding a kite as it travels across the sky. So get started on making one and give the kids a fun time with their dad!

Incredible Dad Mug

This stylish Mr. Incredible mug features dimensional detailing of the hero himself. This mug will remind you of dad’s powerful role as an ”Incredible Dad.”

Lion King Pride Rock Art

Show Mom, Dad, or someone special just how much they mean to you. Create this rock art inspired by The Lion King as a creative gift for any celebration, big or small.

Incredible Dad T-shirt

Honor your father with the Incredibles Dad Men’s Tank Top! Mr. Incredible, is next to the words “Incredible Dad” on the front of this cool muscle tee, perfect for super dads everywhere.

Trail Mix

Even the littlest monsters can help construct this healthy snack for dad. The blogger includes a printable to decorate the jar perfectly for the holiday.

Paper Bow Tie Card

Teach your kids how to make a folded shirt and paper bow tie card for Father’s Day. Just open the link and you will find all the instructions listed.

Fathers Day Coupon

These printable Father’s Day coupons are not only customizable; but also perfect for a last-minute gift. Simply personalize, print, punch a few holes, then tie the bunch together with a ribbon and et voila!

Cut Out Frame

Kids can spell out how much they love Dad using photos of their faces, our easy frame template, and a little help from Mom. Just gather some construction paper and some of dad’s favorite photos to make this craft item.

Fill In The Blanks Coloring Activity

For kids who love to draw, this is the perfect homemade Father’s Day gift. Print our free and set the kids loose with crayons or colored pencils. Let Dad then answer the questions on the activity sheet.

Tape Mug

Kids can do a fun art technique to make this tape resist mug and bowl to give as a homemade gift for Dad on Father’s Day.

Painted Leather Coasters

Projects for Dad can be masterpieces just as much as they are fun and creative. To recreate the stripes on these leather coasters, block off a pattern using masking tape in various widths, then brush the exposed sections with craft paint. For more details check out the link for instructions.

Self Portrait

Give Dad an artistic picture this year instead of the expected photo in a frame. Have your child sketch an outline of himself or herself on heavy paper, then fill in the outline with the paper scraps for a colorful self-portrait.

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