Eid Ul Adha gift
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Last Date On August 26 2020

Bead Tasbih

Luxurious and classic tasbihs made of natural semi-precious stones
Matte Black Onyx beads are used in hand crafting a tasbih. Perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and any other special occasions

Ayatul Kursi Necklace

Looking to Bundle & Save? These Ayatul Kursi Bundle includes the Necklace & Cuff and engraved in the most elegant manner. With countless benefits to reading this powerful verse, this may be your most meaningful and intricately designed accessory yet!

Pearl Hijab Pin

Beautiful intricate jhoomer inspired hijab pin with pearl drops and peacock feather like details. This statement piece hangs flawlessly on hijab and adds a vintage chic and timeless touch to any hijab style.

Custom Name Necklace

Someone's name is the most important word in the world to them; it holds their entire identity within it. Get these are best-selling nominal fashion accessory - the Arabic name necklace. But you can get it any language you desire! Whether it's for yourself or for a loved one, a custom necklace is the best way to show thoughtfulness and beauty in a single accessory!

Personalized KeyChain

Each letter is individually hand stamped. While they strive for perfection and try to be consistent, there will be variations in spacing, alignment and depth of each letter, adding uniqueness and charm to each individual piece.


This Bouquet Collection is meant to be more than just a watch. Made with Arabic numerals showing off the gorgeous style around the dial. It's meant to combine elegance and uniqueness in one wrist piece that allows you to express yourself and bring your outfit together with the perfect accessory.

Women's Quote Cuff

These Quote Cuffs are a customer favorite! Engraved with a beautiful Arabic saying on the outside with the English inscription on the inside, this cuff is a classy combination of beauty and meaning that will radiate with any of your favorite outfits.


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Women's Day Gift

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