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Last Date On December 28 2020

Mailbox Goblin

Scare the bejesus out of your party guests as they arrive to your home with this mailbox goblin. You can put it together with fake flower stems and craft foam.


Emulate the fierce protector in you with Mulan's stunning warrior costume. This reproduction of Mulan's fighting uniform is made of polyester and foam. The sweeping jacket and shirt come as one piece and fasten at the back. The pants are elastic for better fit— and they are perfect for party food bellies! The armored skirt is foam, printed with realistic graphics that mimic metal pieces. It is also part of the belt, which fastens at the back as the jacket does. The sword is not included, but check out our website for some pointy (but safe) options! You never know when you will need to defend your friends and family. 

Haunted House

Grab the entire family and build this creepy haunted house that will look great as a table centerpiece or additional decoration on the mantel.

Personalized Halloween Garden Flag

Welcome visitors to your home with a festive customized sign. Complete with pumpkins and bats and all things spooky, this sign will be something you pull out of the decorations closet to display year after year.

Crafty Containers

This craft is just as simple as taking a magic marker to a plastic cup and drawing a Jack-o-Lantern.

Cruella de Vil

Convince your partner to dress up as a Dalmatian, and you'll have the most adorable couples costume. You'll feel like a devilish diva when you're rocking this Evil Madam costume. Made by Us, this costume is designed for quality and an especially flattering fit. While the main feature is the long, faux fur jacket that's trimmed in shiny red fabric, the sparkly black dress can also be worn on its own. Perfect for when that costume party is getting a little too hot, the ankle length sequined number is sure to drive home your haute couture nature!

Cute Candy Wrappers

As if candy could get any better. The kids will enjoy wrapping their favorite candy bars in cute characters, which they can then give out to friends, family, or other trick-or-treaters.

Zombie Hands

Up the creepy-factor of your front yard with these zombie hands that will creep and crawl out of your lawn. Convert your outdoor space into a zombie scream fest with the 2-Pack Zombie Hands Yard Stake Halloween Decor from Hyde & EEK! Boutique™. Made from durable plastic that ensures they withstand the elements for use in seasons to come, these Halloween yard stakes are set on long and pointed stakes that ensure they stay securely anchored in the ground. Designed as two zombie hands in green that appear to be coming out of the earth, they bring the perfect eerie flair to your outdoor Halloween decor.

Frilly Favors

If you're looking for brand new ideas for your goody bags, decorate them with felt, newspaper, or construction paper.


An iconic ruler and a style icon? Just what you want if you're looking to make a major statement. If you’re ready to get in touch with your all-powerful ruler side than this Cleopatra costume can help you out. The dress is perfect for those hot nights on the Nile with lightweight floor-length golden fabric. The collar is stately with black and gold stripes. No one is going to doubt your authority with this black panel and gold hieroglyphics and a crystal belt over the top that matches the crystal and gold headpiece. You’re sure to make that legendary entrance with the golden cuffed sheer cape. If you want to roll yourself in a carpet and get yourself delivered to the party, that would be epic. Just remember to stay hydrated and pack some snacks!

Monster Paper Bag Puppets

Who knew monsters could be so cute? Let your kids customize their monster puppets then let them put on a show.

Light Up Triple Stacked Orange Pumpkins

No need to worry about your pumpkins rotting with these artificial Jack-o'-lanterns. Decorate your home for Halloween every year with this Light-Up Triple Stacked Orange Pumpkins Halloween Decorative Prop from Hyde & EEK! Boutique™. This light-up Halloween decoration makes a fun addition to your Halloween display. It features a triple-tiered prop of orange carved pumpkins with cut-out details that glow to reveal spooky faces. Made from durable material, this battery-operated Halloween prop is suitable for both indoor and sheltered outdoor use. Place it somewhere outside in the backyard or in your front porch to enjoy its cool haunted effect.

Ghostly Entry

This wreath will make your porch a portal for wandering ghosts — whether they're staying for the party or passing by to collect treats.

Queen of Hearts

In this red and black garb, you'll be hard to miss wherever you go. Fall down the rabbit hole with this magical collection of Wonderland costumes and accessories form Leg Avenue. We’ve got all your tea party needs, from our mad hatter costumes and Alice costumes to our fluffy white rabbit costume, shop all of our deliriously psychedelic wonderland looks. And you’ll be screaming “off with their heads” with our queen of hearts costumes and accessories. We’ve truly got everything to make your time in wonderland feel like a dream.

Monster Jolly Rancher Lollipops

Have the kids make these super cute and easy Jolly Rancher monsters, then wrap in cellophane, tie closed with a ribbon, and give as a Halloween treat to their friends or classmates.

Shatterproof Ornament Halloween Wreath

Spruce up your front door with a festive Halloween wreath. Celebrate Halloween in sophisticated style with the 17-Inch Shatterproof Ornament Halloween Wreath from Hyde & EEK! Boutique™. This Halloween door wreath is made of a variety of shatterproof ornaments in Halloween-inspired hues, including glittery and shiny orange, black and white, as well as pumpkin-shaped ornaments. Shiny black tinsel-like fibers fill in the gaps between bulbs, and a built-in rope loop hangs at the top for quick and easy display. Hang this Halloween ornament wreath on your door to welcome trick-or-treaters and other fall guests, or display it on a wall in your home to get into the Halloween spirit.

Owl Pumpkin Carvings

Decorate your porch with this family of watchful owls. You can even get the kids to join you in carving, but keep an eye out for any accidents.


This costume comes with everything you need: blouse, skirt, corset, leggings, scarf, belt, and harness. Just put on a red lip and some knee-high boots to complete the look.

Bat Bottle Cap Magnet

A fun craft that's also useful as a finished product? Talk about a win-win.

Light-Up Jack-O'-Lanterns

Who says Jack-o'-lanterns have to be made of real pumpkins? 

Batty Centerpiece

If you're hosting a Halloween dinner rather than a party, make this batty centerpiece with just a couple of inexpensive materials to enchant your dinner guests.

Daenerys Targaryen

Get ready to conquer the Seven Kingdoms with this costume. You'll need to buy the platinum wig to call yourself the Mother of Dragons though. Heading west? We've got some news. Those summer dresses that you're fond of just aren't going to cut it anymore. You've got to get yourself a new style, a look that's suited for the harsh climate of the westerly lands where you were born. Yeah. You're going to need to get this Dragon Warrior women's costume!

Popsicle Stick Monster Craft

Nothing scary about these monsters. Kids can customize them anyway they want, which makes it such a fun craft to partake in.

Rustic Happy Halloween Wood Sign

This old-timey wooden sign will feel warm and welcoming when Halloween arrives.

Cat Face Treat Bags

Send your kids to school with these cat face treat bags for a tasty lunch treat.


Dress up your daughter as Sleeping Beauty for a Maleficent-themed family costume.

'Nightmare Before Christmas' Pose-able Characters

Take some decoration inspiration from your favorite Halloween movies, like The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Backyard Branch Decor

Find affordable decor in your yard. Gather long sticks and spray-paint them glossy black, then push them into the tops of pumpkins.


This inexpensive white dress can turn you into Annabelle after you part and braid your hair with some red ribbon. This costume looks picture perfect with the lush layers of fabric you'd expect a china doll to wear. It zips up the back through the red sash at the waist and the sheer backing. The high-waisted bodice has a high neck that's trimmed with ruffled lace and puffed sleeves. With a look as innocent as this one, we wonder how anyone could suspect evil coming from this fragile little doll. 

Funny Tombstones

10 tombstones for only $40 means that you'll be able to make your whole yard into a cemetery.

Black Cat, Bat, Spider, and Mice Doughnuts

Kids will swarm around this chocolate-dipped dessert that's frightfully cute.

Victorian Ghost Bride

This costume proves that not all ghosts have to be ghastly. Dressing up is fun all year long when you have costumes and accessories from Forum Novelties. Featuring a wide range of sizes and styles, you're sure to find what you want for your next masquerade ball, Halloween party, or just for a night on the town.

Boo Sign

This adorable "boo" sign is a great option if you want your Halloween decor to be more fun than spooky.

Graveyard Cookie Jar

This is one dessert you'll be dying to dig into! Fill a large glass cookie jar with crumbs from your favorite chocolate cake along with white chocolate bones. Layer in tombstone sugar cookies decorated with gray, black, and purple royal icing. Pipe in tufts of grass using green-tinted buttercream. Push in a cemetery sign made from card stock and painted wood skewers for an added touch of Halloween spirit.

Halloween Clear Ghost Pathway Lights

These cuties are more adorable than they are scary and they'll make your sidewalk stand out in the neighborhood. Guide visitors to your door with the ghostly glow of these Ghost Halloween Path Lights from Hyde & EEK! Boutique™. Attached to long stakes for easy anchoring into the soil, these incandescent white ghost path lights link together to guide trick-or-treaters and party guests up your sidewalk or driveway on Halloween night. The weather-resistant design means they'll hold up well outside, making these a true Halloween standby you'll be happy to put in your yard for years to come.

Porch Scarecrows

You'll need a pumpkin, old clothes and hats, a hot glue gun, and hay or a cheap material (hello, plastic grocery bags!) for stuffing.

Spooky Ghost Cookies

These deliciously spooky cookies are just as much fun to make as they are to eat.


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