Best Easter gifts for toddlers in 2020
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Last Date On March 30 2020

If you are looking for some adorable gift items for the newest member in your family, then look no further. It’s baby’s first Easter and we got this all covered! From new dresses to the cutest playsets, we thought of some of the things that will give you a basic idea on what to buy for your little one.

1. First Easter basket playset

Okay, we admit that babies are just too little to even get the meaning of first Easter with family, but this plush little Easter basket is a great gift for babies with stuffed bunnies, carrots and of course the stuffed eggs. Play with them all day long to hear those baby coos. They can play with it pretty much all year long and even use the basket as a decorative container. Cute much?

2. Toythrill duck toy

This fun and educational toy for your toddler is the perfect one for the Easter season. Not only does it stimulate your child’s senses but also promotes a happier and healthier development. With various songs and buttons, the duck will activate its many singing voices and illuminate vibrant colors from its eyes to wings to the whole body! Oh and did we mention that it also flaps its wings and glides across the floor? It makes the perfect gift to bring more joyous moments during Easter season.

3. Big bubble bottles

We agree that these are not for your toddler to blow but hey this could be fun for you and them, when the air is filled with shimmering bubbles! Yes, we cheated and put an item in this list that is more for older kids but think about your toddler who will love to see the magical colors floating all around. Available on packs of 6 and great for both indoor and outdoor events.

4. Carrot teether

This soft carrot teether will give your toddler’s soothing and tender gums with teething relief as much as it will provide you some peace of mind. Features include easy to hold handles and a great texture that will make him or her gnaw away on this toy while you enjoy some easter brunch!

5. Rabbit Ear Beanie

We love all things cute and adorable and so here is this newborn photography outfit with easter themed props. It comes with a nice and soft rabbit ear hat that can be worn over their head. The fabric is breathable and comfortable for your baby and will make really creative photos if you are looking for a easter themed photo shoot.


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